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Week of Your Wedding To Do List

Wedding Planning Tips

It’s the week of your wedding! You’ve gone through months of planning, read through various checklists, and answered what feels like a million questions… but now what? As wedding planners, we know how overwhelming this time can be. You feel like there are so many things to do, but also nothing to do at the same time. This is where we come in with our handy week of to do list!

Gather Your Info

Leading up to the big day, ensure that you have all of your vendors’ contact information, arrival times, and any other necessary details in one organized location.

Gather Your Details for Photo/Video

Your photographer and/or videographer will want a few details for content when they arrive on site. You will want to have your invitation suite, shoes, jewelry, ring box, perfume/cologne, and any other relevant items to be easily accessible for detail photos.

prepping wedding detail flat lay for week of your wedding
Photo by: Photos by Jennifer Jane

Finish Organizing Your Decor/Plans

Now that you are only a week out, your decor and wedding plans should be solid and need very minor adjustments (if any). Use this time to reach out to the appropriate vendors to ensure everything is ready to go, confirm any remaining payments, and share any relevant details with them (such as delivery times, where to unload, etc).

Check In With Your Wedding Party, Families, and Other VIPs

Ensure that your VIPs are also prepared for the day! Let them know what time they need to arrive and where to go. If they are getting hair and makeup done, let them know what time they get theirs done and if the artist/stylist has any requests (dry hair, washed face, etc). You may also want to give them a packing list if they are required to bring anything with them. This is the best way to ensure nothing is forgotten!

send out reminders to your wedding party for week of your wedding
Photo by: Whitley Sander Photography

Designate Your Point Person(s)

On the wedding day, the last thing you want is for your vendors and guests to constantly come up to you asking questions. This is where it becomes essential to have a point person(s). This is someone that will help out with any questions or issues that come up throughout the day, so that you and your significant other can soak it all in without worry! This could be a maid of honor, a mother, or your Planner if you’ve hired one. Let it be known that they are the ones to bother on the wedding day, and not you or your significant other.

lead planner guiding wedding party
Photo by: Rachel Lahlum Photography

Communicate Any Changes With The Necessary Vendors

As vendors, we know last minute changes happen. That is why it’s important to be in constant communication with your vendors during this time. While a couple of guests having to decline the week of your wedding doesn’t really impact your DJ, it will impact the meals your vendor provides and the chairs/tables your venue prepares. That being said, be sure to communicate any changes in plans, guests, and other info with the necessary vendors. We are here to help make your day a success, but we can’t do that if we don’t know the details!

Pamper Yourself

Last, but certainly not least, take some time to pamper yourselves! You’ve put so much thought and time into your wedding day for months, but don’t let the details take over the magic. Take a day to go on a date, have a fancy dinner, or simply put away the wedding details and soak in this feeling together. Enjoy your last few days as fiances and get excited about the big day ahead! 

couple documentary style engagement photos in home
Photo by: Kaylah Hammer Photography

We hope that this to-do list has been helpful in settling your wedding week nerves. Always remember that your vendors are here to support you, and your guests are just excited to celebrate your love with you! If you have more questions or are just getting started on your planning journey, send us a message. We would love to chat! If you just need to chat with someone about everything and make sure you’re in a good place, schedule a 1 hour paid consultation call with us.

Creatively written by: Hope Konkol

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