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Wedding Expenses You Can Skip

Wedding Planning Tips

As you scroll through countless wedding planning tips and tricks, it can be hard to decipher what is needed and what you can skip to save money. As wedding planners, we know all the details from planning a wedding to directing the day. So trust us, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to find what expenses we recommend you skip to save money on your wedding.

1. Favors

Probably the most common and frequently listed answer in your searches will be favors. As fun and thoughtful as they seem, unless they are edible it will end up being a big waste. They will get left at tables, on the floor, or simply never be touched. Your guests won’t even notice you didn’t have any favors.

personalized cookie wedding favor
Photo by: Marit Williams Photography

2. Champagne Pour

Having a champagne pour can add a touch of classy elegance, but in the end, it is not worth the added cost. Many people don’t like champagne and are fine toasting with the drinks they already have, so a lot of the champagne ends up going to waste. Plus, it requires additional staff who may not be needed otherwise.

wedding expenses you can skip - champagne pour
Photo by: Carly Mac Photography

3. Individual Menus

We love how individual menus look at a place setting, but they aren’t necessary. You can provide one menu per table to help your guests remember what they ordered. We promise it will work just as well!

wedding expenses you can skip - personalized menus at place settings
Photo by: Bridget Couwenhoven Photography

4. Boutonnieres & Corsages

We know, it may feel untraditional to skip these pieces, but they are not needed. Oftentimes boutonnieres and corsages end up crushed, or the individual will remove the article of clothing it is attached to (e.g. their jacket). Brides or grooms can still have them, but not every VIP needs one. Your floral budget is better spent ramping up your ceremony or head table arrangements.

wedding expenses you can skip - boutonnieres and corsages
Photo by: Clever Disarray

5. Paying Extra for Early Venue Access to Get Ready

Some venues have stunning getting-ready rooms but you can’t get into them early enough to get ready unless you pay more, plus most of them will have additional rules about the food and beverages you can have while getting ready. Oftentimes it will be less expensive to book a hotel room where you are free to do whatever you want for food and beverages and people can feel more comfortable staying in their jammies until they have to get dressed!

6. Personalized Swag For Your Wedding Party

The truth is, your wedding party doesn’t need another glass with their name on it or a bag that says bridesmaid. They would appreciate having money for their hair and makeup, suit rental, or gift cards to their favorite restaurants!

wedding party group photo wearing black attire with colorful florals
Photo by: Rachel Bigej Photography

7. Aisle Decor

During the ceremony, nobody is looking at the aisle. Everyone is looking at what is at the end of it! Even if the aisle decor will be repurposed, it is extra work to get it moved. That means you may have to pay more money to have it done. Overall, it is an expense that can easily be skipped!

wedding ceremony arch with draping and florals
Photo by: Adam Kennedy Photography

We hope that this overview of wedding expenses you can skip has been helpful! If you are still feeling overwhelmed with wedding planning and your budget, send us a message. We would love to help!

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