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Specialty Wedding Vendors to WOW Your Guests

Wedding Planning Tips

As every couple gets deep into wedding planning, they’re faced with the question of how to make their wedding memorable. Of course your wedding will be special because of the two of you, but many of our couples come to us asking for ideas on how to make their wedding fun and memorable for their guests. One of our top answers is to look into specialty wedding vendors. There are so many options to choose from, and we would like to share a few of our favorites (they have always been a hit with guests too)!

Live Painter

A live painter is one of the more common specialty vendors to have at your wedding because it truly has so many perks. It is a great form of entertainment for your guests (everyone loves stopping by to watch the painting progress). A painter is also able to capture the day in a way that nobody else can. This lasting piece of art will forever have so many memories attached to it! Paint My Wedding Day did an amazing job capturing the magic of the couple’s reception space on their wedding night.

Illustration Artist

A twist on getting caricatures done, an illustration or fashion artist will do quick, full-body sketches of your guests. You need to plan on 7-10 minutes per sketch so be realistic about how many can get done in the time period you have them there for. Not everyone may get one, but make sure you and your new spouse do like this couple who got an amazing illustration by Claire Ward!


unique specialty vendors game show
Photo by: Bellagala

Having your guests be involved with a trivia game is a fun way to have everyone get to know the couple a little better. It is also not one of the common specialty vendors, so if you really want to stand out this might be for you! Sassy Lassy was involved on this couple’s wedding day to play Survey Says.

Caricature Artist

Having a caricature artist is a fun spin on the other artists we mentioned. This focuses less on capturing the day in detail, and more on providing a fun experience for your guests. You can pay for a certain amount of pieces for the artist to create, and allow your guests to get their own drawings to take home! This fun picture of the happy couple was drawn by Caricatures by Lisa.

Photo Booth

A photo booth is another fun way to give your guests a keepsake from your wedding day. You can create a custom logo for the photo strip so that your guests will remember exactly when their photos were taken for years to come. A digital photo booth is another great option which texts the pictures right to the guest’s phone. Look at these happy ladies having a good time in The Traveling Photo Booth!

Marquee Letters

Marquee letters specialty vendor for wedding
Photo by: Marisa Claire Photography

Marquee letters are oversized, light-up letters. They can be placed out as a photo prop to spell out anything you want, but the most common use for them in weddings is to spell out the newlywed’s last name. Alpha-Lit is a great option in Minnesota. Take a look at the great job they did for the Bowers!

No matter what you decide to do to make your wedding stand out, it will always be uniquely you! If you need more inspiration or some help pulling all of your special details together, contact us for professional wedding planning assistance!

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