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Common Questions About Hair and Makeup Services for Your Wedding

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Having your hair and makeup done professionally done for your wedding day is one of the easiest ways to ensure you will look and feel your best. But even knowing that, many brides still hesitate in making that decision. Sometimes it is due to the budget, and other times it might be because they are worried they won’t look like themselves. We wanted to talk to one of the experts to answer some of the most common questions we get on why having a professional hair and makeup artist at your wedding can make such a difference. Meet Kayla from Ziel Bridal, a Minneapolis-based hair and makeup artist. We have worked with Kayla and her team many times and knew she would be a great person to not only answer these questions, but also find out how working with a wedding planner or day of coordinator helps her do her job better.

The main question we get is why should someone go to the expense of having a professional hair and makeup artist for their wedding. Obviously you want to look great for the photos and video you will have forever from your wedding, but Kayla points out that there’s so much more that goes into it. Having a good hair and makeup plan for the morning can set the mood for how you will feel the rest of the day. Putting yourself in the hands of a professional will put you in a more relaxed frame of mind to start the morning of your wedding because you will go into the day knowing exactly what to expect.

As a wedding planner or day of coordinator, one of the parts of the day that makes us the most nervous is hair and makeup, because it’s usually where the timeline falls behind and can set you back for the rest of the day. I asked Kayla some of the best ways to avoid this happening. While she talks about many reasons that can cause hair and makeup to run behind, one of the most common ones is not being realistic about how long it takes to get everyone into the venue when you have access to it (if doing on site at the venue) and when services can actually start. Kayla also says that knowing what time photos need to start so you can get the needed people out of the chair in time to get dressed, freshen up, put on jewelry, etc. is also key.

We know that having a hair and/or makeup trial can be an extra expense, but Kayla points out that your wedding is a day where all eyes are on you, including the camera, so going in cold is not the best idea. Remember how you want to still look like you? She works with a lot of brides and others who may not wear makeup, or much makeup, on a daily basis, or have more challenging hair to work with, and those end up being the people who need to have a trial the most. Kayla also says it’s another part of going into your wedding confident that your artist will make you look how you expected to look and make you more relaxed.

Another question we get a lot as wedding planners is who is supposed to pay for what services for the wedding party. Kayla said that knowing what is in your budget is a big part of deciding who is going to pay, but a good rule is that if the bride is requiring that her wedding party get hair and makeup done, then the bride pays for it. She also said that no matter who is paying for the services, you want to have your hair and makeup artists paid before the day of the wedding to avoid any unnecessary chaos. Kayla also talks about tipping and how different companies handle that.

Finally, I wanted to know how working with a wedding planner or day of coordinator helps hair and makeup artists do their jobs better so the client can feel they are getting the most out of their services. Kayla said that the best part for her of having a planner or coordinator at a wedding is that she gets a very relaxed bride. It’s because she isn’t worried about anything that is happening outside of the room and being able to enjoy this special time with family and friends. She said a planner will also help put together the full timeline for the day and helps them know how they need to schedule services. Kayla is a big fan of the very detailed timelines Keyed Up Events sends out!

You can watch the full interview below to hear more of Kayla’s answers to some of the most common questions we get about having a professional hair and makeup artist at your wedding.

Photo: Megan Stezka

You can see all the services Ziel Bridal has to offer at https://www.zielbridal.com/

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