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Common Questions About Wedding Stationary Answered


When working with our couples on their wedding day plans, one area that seems to be all over the board is what to do about invitations. How to do them, what should be in them, how can they make them special, etc., are all questions I get, so I decided to get them answered from one of our favorite local stationers here in the Twin Cities, Brandi from Hunt Wright Design Co.

With so many online options for invitations and paper goods for weddings, I wanted Brandi to answer the question that we get the most: what’s the benefit of hiring someone local and a real person? While she had a lot of great points about this topic, I think the most important was when she said “When you work with me, you are a client. When you work with one of the online places, you are more of a number.” She adds, “You get fewer options when you work with one of the big box companies. I listen to what you want and we conceptualize it together.” I agreed and said that it’s great having a human being one more set of eyes on everything before it goes to print.

Since many people don’t mail out the amount of pieces that go into a wedding invitation too often in their lives, I asked Brandi which pieces were the most important to have. The “can’t do without” pieces are, of course, the invitation, a details card and an RSVP. She does say that it is all variable depending on the structure of your event or different pieces to it. “About 50% of the people have actual RSVP cards vs. directing them to a website to do so.”

When it comes to making your invitations personal and special to you as a couple, Brandi likes to talk to couples about the many different ways to do that. “Wedding crests and logos are a great thing to use throughout the paper goods, as it really solidifies the brand of the couple, and what represents them.” (If you haven’t had a chance to read our blog from our Train Wedding, check it out and see the logo Brandi made for them and how the couple used it in various ways in their day.)

Brandi then went on to talk about some of her favorite pieces to design. Overall she says “the more you can solidify your brand, the more memorable it will be to guests.” Programs are a favorite since they are a more structured piece with elements of design, while still giving a lot of information.

We ended on the question that a lot of couples would never ask a stationary person (but want to know), which is why should they spend money on something that is “just going to get thrown away”? Brandi gives some great answers that I think are important for couples to consider when giving their guests the first impression of their wedding. Watch the video below to hear this answer and the full interview.

You can find Brandi online at https://www.huntwrightdesignco.com/. She has a special offer for clients of Keyed Up Events, so I always make sure to do personal introductions of my couples to her.

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