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Best Tips For Booking Wedding Day Hair and Makeup

Wedding Planning Tips

When you get to the point of deciding who will help you get ready the morning of your wedding, you have many components to consider. You want a solid plan that is effortlessly smooth so that you can soak up every moment of your day – we understand! So, before you book your wedding hair and makeup team, read through our list of things you need to know when doing so.

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Things to consider:

  • Decide if you are paying for some, all or none of the services for the other people getting ready with you. Even if you are not paying for all of them, it’s much easier for the full payment to just come from you and have the others pay you rather than all of you trying to pay the artists or stylists separately. 
  • In order to get a quote for hair and makeup, you will need to know within 1-2 people how many will want hair and how many will want makeup services. This will help them determine how many people to send. Many artists and stylists will have a minimum for them to come to you, usually a bride and at least 3 more, but you will want to inquire. 
  • If you don’t have enough to meet a minimum or would just prefer to go to a salon, you will still need to know the same information to reserve services. Don’t forget to take into proximity to where you will be getting dressed and how you will get to and from there. 
  • They will want to know what time you need them to start and what time you need services for everyone completed by, so you should know your ceremony time and about when photos will start when asking for a quote. 
  • They will want to know where you will be getting ready. If you don’t know yet, you should at the very least know the city so they can add on travel and hotel fees if needed. 
  • We recommend booking these services as soon as possible as an artist or stylist typically can’t do more than one wedding a day. 
  • If you are getting ready somewhere that does not have enough spots for people to get ready at one time with good lighting and mirrors, like a hotel room or a home, consider getting stations from Dream Day Dressing Rooms to complete your space.
  • If the location where you are getting ready will require the stylists and artists to pay for parking, most will have it in their contracts you will need to cover the cost of it. 

Tip: Many of the venues have beautiful getting ready rooms, but for many of them you can’t get in early enough to get ready fully on-site or you need to pay more to get access to the spaces earlier. Be sure to review the policies for your venue before deciding where to get ready. 

Tip: If you get ready at your venue, they may require you to get food and beverage service through them or their caterer. Review the food and beverage policies before committing to get ready there to make sure you can do what works for you. 

Have more questions or need vendor recommendations? Contact us and a wedding planning professional will be happy to help you!

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