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Sarah and Sameh - A Blended Cultural Wedding in Minneapolis, MN


Venue: The Holden Room
 Photo: Matt Lien
 Catering: Sameh Wadi/WSK
 Bar: Materor Bar
 Florist: Ashley Fox Designs
 Music: Mike Davis
 Dessert: Diane Moua
 Officiant: Skye Rossi
 Hair: Paige Palma
 Makeup: Jessica Kueppers
 Rentals: Apres
 Airbnb: Connor Airbnb

Venue: The Holden Room    Photo: Matt Lien    Catering: Sameh Wadi/WSK    Bar: Materor Bar    Florist: Ashley Fox Designs    Music: Mike Davis        Dessert: Diane Moua    Officiant: Skye Rossi    Hair: Paige Palma    Makeup: Jessica Kueppers    Rentals: Apres    Airbnb: Connor Airbnb


When you are blending together two cultures, having the team from your restaurant make and serve the food, and doing it all as Plan B because of COVID, it makes sense to get some help. 

Sarah and Sameh came to us later in their planning when they realized they had a lot of moving pieces to their wedding. They had already built up a rock-star vendor team but just needed that extra organization at the end and the confidence that someone would be there to manage it all. That’s where we came in! We made them a solid timeline, attended a final walkthrough and had a very long details meeting to make sure that not only did we know all of our duties and tasks, but also helped Sarah and Sameh realize some of the holes they had in their plans and schedules, and came up with solutions for them. The end product was amazing and beautiful and without a dull moment all day long! 

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