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Act Fast on Popular Wedding Dates!

Wedding Planning Tips

Meet Alex and Victoria, a wonderful couple who are getting married on one of the most popular dates of this year, October 10th, also known as 10/10/2020. Since they were thinking ahead, the booked their venue early, as well as their Coordinator, contracting Keyed Up Events in May of 2019.

September and October have become the busiest months for weddings in Minnesota for the last few years. People love that they (theoretically) won’t be sweating through the day, as well as the beautiful colors that fall has to offer, so pretty much all Saturdays in September and October tend to fill up fast. However, even earlier dates have booked quickly to try and capture the uniqueness of the 2020 wedding year, such as 6/6/2020 and 8/8/2020.

If you are lucky enough to book a wedding for one of the popular dates, be sure your next move is to focus on the vendors who can only do one wedding a day:

> Planner

> Photographer

> Videographer

> Hair Stylist

> Makeup Artist

> Band or Musicians

With these vendors, they may be able to do more than one wedding in a day, but if you want a particular person from their group or if they can only do a few, then look to book those next:

> Catering

> Bar Service

> Florist

> DJ

> Dessert

> Decor

> Officiant

In general, it’s best to book all your vendors in a timely manner, but if you need to space them out a little, then this is a good list to follow. Keep in mind that groups that have multiple artists working for them may have more availability, such as some of the photography or DJ shops in town, but if you want to have a particular member of the group at your wedding, you want to contact them early. It’s also very important to think about any events in town that could affect your wedding: think Twins or Vikings games if you are in downtown Minneapolis!

If you are still trying to find a venue for one of the popular dates for 2020, here are some ideas of where to look for venues:

> New venues that opened in late 2019 or early 2020.

> Hotels! There are many of them and they don’t all book up.

> Keep your wedding smaller and use a side room or private dining space at a restaurant.

> Hire a Planner because we will know where to look.

Looking ahead to 2021, here are the dates that will likely book up early:












The good news is that Keyed Up Events is still open for all of these dates, so schedule a consultation to lock yours in! You can do that right here: https://calendly.com/keyedupevents

Photography: Mark Fierst Photography

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