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Jacqueline and Anthony - A Star Wars Themed Wedding in Minneapolis, MN


Venue: Warehouse Winery
Photo: Laura Alpizar
Catering: Green Mill
Bar: Warehouse Winery
Florist: Bride
Music: Lake String Quartet (ceremony)
Dessert: Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe
Officiant: Kathleen Kearney
Stationery: Zazzle
Hair: Bloody Gorgeous
Makeup: Bloody Gorgeous
Transportation: 10,000 Lakes Limo
Hotel: AC Hotel - West End

Venue: Warehouse Winery    Photo: Laura Alpizar    Catering: Green Mill    Bar: Warehouse Winery    Florist: Bride    Music: Lake String Quartet (ceremony)    Dessert: Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe    Officiant: Kathleen Kearney    Stationery: Zazzle    Hair: Bloody Gorgeous    Makeup: Bloody Gorgeous
Transportation: 10,000 Lakes Limo    Hotel: AC Hotel - West End


"So what can we say about Dana without sounding like we're exaggerating?? Dana, put simply, was such a fantastic ray of light for us in our wedding planning process! For starters, her personality and positivity and "down to Earth-ness" is infectious. There was no pretentiousness with her whatsoever. She made us feel like she was one of our oldest and dearest friends. This helped immensely when just working together...we all got along so well, and actually had fun while doing it! Dana helped us out mostly with "day of " activities, but she was always there - ready, willing, and able to help us out with anything we could need help with! On the big day, she was indispensable! She kept everything flowing and running like clockwork. And what's even cooler, everyone in the wedding party loved her! I heard so many compliments and comments like "Woo...that's your planner? She's so awesome and nice! And totally not a jerk!" To put it plainly: she is fantastic! You can't go wrong with Dana! THANKS DANA!!!"

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